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Make Your Site A Lead Generation Magnet

Dominate Search

Our websites follow all the rules to ensure they rank highly in search results. And you can set all the relevant meta-tags in our intuitive admin panel.

It doesn't hurt that our sites are blazing fast too.

Turn your visitors into leads

Vistors to your website are great but they become much more valuable when they make contact with you.

We encourage visitors to make contact through smart call-to-action forms. You are notified immediately a form is filled out and you will be able to see exactly what properties they are interested in.

Sell more properties

Even as you engage directly with your leads by phone and email your website carries on playing an important role.

The alerts functionality allows them to keep up to date with any changes automatically. And you can show them curated picks via a url unique to them.

What makes our websites so special?

We created a custom framework specifically for real estate. Unlike many of our lazy competitors we choose not to use WordPress.
WordPress is a great tool for content sites like blogs. It is not great for real estate sites which require rich meta-data and tailored search functionality.
We know because we tried using WordPress and found it was not up to our standards.


  • High Converting Website
  • Custom Domain With SSL Encryption
  • Easily Customisable Design
  • Intuitive Admin Dashboard
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Favourites Section For Visitors
€49 / per month
All Standard Features Plus:
  • Multiple Languages
  • Authenticated User Pages
  • Detailed User Analytics
  • Zoho CRM Integration
  • Bespoke Call-To-Action Forms
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Website API
  • Scheduled Search Alerts Via Email
  • Up To 50 Dynamic Lead Pages
€99 / per month
All Premium Features Plus:
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Custom CRM Integration
  • Connect To Any MLS With An API
  • Import Properties From Custom Sources
  • A/B Testing
  • Unlimited Dynamic Lead Pages
€259 / per month

Committed To Open Source

PropertyWebBuilder started as an open source project in 2015 and we have benefited enormously from having hundreds of people review the code and try out the product.
We continue to support a free and open sourced version. Yes, you read that right. You can install and use PropertyWebBuilder yourself for free. It will not have some of the extra special features available to paying customers but will still be better than most of the clunky WordPress plugins out there.

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